Bird Report 011910 (including shrike)

    Doug Morel writes:  "Took a midday visit to DeKorte today and managed a good variety of ducks, a couple raptors and my target, the No. Shrike (2nd attempt).

   "The Shrike was observed singing away in treetops along Disposal Rd. not far fron the back end of the Commission's garage behind the Observatory. Thanks go out to another birder who directed me to it's location as I approached it. Heard song before sighting the happy bird.

   "Also seen: Am. Kestrel, No. Shoveler & Ring-necked Duck (my 1sts for 2010)
Com. Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Gadwall, Canvasback (250+), No. Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk (having meal on utility pole)." (Thanks, Doug!)

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