Shrike Report 010809 (Updated)

  The Northern Shrike continues on Disposal Road and now DeKorte Park.

  It was seen on the  Saw Mill Creek Trail this morning after it made a brief stop at the Cedars near the Carillon.  Chris Takacs says: "We noticed the bird when the local Mockingbird began to complain –something to  look for when searching for this guy."

   It was seen Thursday several times — in the morning, mid-afternoon and late afternoon.

   Chris reports: "At 3:15 we saw it on  the same trail much farther out. It flew towards the Osprey platform near the  "T" in the trail, much closer to the parking lots and buildings." (Thanks, Chris!)

  The bird has now hung around for 29 days.

   A big thank you to all the birders who have been looking for (and finding) this bird.  If anyone has good new photos, we'd love to post them.

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