DeKorte Shorebird Pool Mud Flats Coming Again Soon


    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that over the next few days, DeKorte Park's Shorebird Pool (the tidal impoundment by the Environment Center) will be drained so that construction folks can check the pilings that support the Marshview Pavillion.
   The water levels could be low for up to a week, which might make the Shorebird Pool a great fishing spot for egrets at certain times of day. If you bring a spotting scope, you may be able to see the Least Bittern along the shore by the Marsh Discovery Trail toward the Transco Trail.
   The water levels were lowered for several weeks last September to shore up the pilings. The current work is a routine check on those pilings.
   There'll be free guided walks on the Marsh Discovery Trail (otherwise closed to the public) on Tuesday and Thursday, and we will be sure to look for the bittern, water levels permitting.

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