Bald Eagle(s) at Keegan Landfill

Copy of Copy of IMG_0101-1     For the past week or so, we have been getting reports of one or more Bald Eagles hanging out at the Keegan Landfill in Kearny.
   Alas, we have not had the opportunity to get dwon to the landfill and see for ourselves.
   Fortunately, Ron Shields took a few shots from his kayak in the Kearny Marsh. He writes that the two shots were taken roughly 30 minutes apart, but that he thinks the photos are of the same bird.
   At least one other Bald Eagle has been seen at Keegan of late — a mature Bald Eagle. (Thanks, Ron!)

   We do get Bald Eagle sightings at DeKorte from time to time, including this one from March, when Bald Eagles and gulls were competing for fish. They are always awesome to see in the wild.

  Copy of IMG_0087-2

One thought on “Bald Eagle(s) at Keegan Landfill

  1. Barbara Dobrovics

    Today, april 7th, my husband and I observed two bald eagles (an adult and a juvie) flying near Gunnell Oval in Kearny.


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