Banded Peregrine Falcon

   When we were looking through our photos of the Peregrine Falcon we saw on a Hackensack River Bridge during last week's birding-by-boat cruise, we noticed that the bird was banded on both legs — green on the left and gray-metal on the right.
   We got to thinking: This rings a bell. Sure enough, we likely saw the same bird a year and a half ago, just before he dive-bombed a Snowy Owl near Valley Brook Ave. in Lyndhurst. We learned back then that the bird was banded in New York State — could not read the bands to get more info.
   Link to the original post on the banded Peregrine here.
   Link to more info on bird-banding and the Peregrine here.
   Sorry for the blurred image of the bands — the one downside to birding by boat is you are often shooting from a powerboat with the engine running.

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