DeKorte Walk: 3 Least Bitterns

_MG_9957 Lesast b

   If you missed today's noontime Marsh Discovery Trail walk — and the three Least Bittern sightings — don't despair.
   The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen Audubon are leading a free walk on the trail at 10 a.m. on Sunday, and we will be looking for these guys. (Click here for more info.)
   All three Leasts were perched midway up the phrags, which was a switch — we typically see them at the water's edge or in flight.
   Also seen on the walk: Osprey, Ruddy Ducks, lots of Forster's Terns, Black-crowned Night Heron.
   (Thanks to Dennis Cheeseman for the group shot, and thanks to Chris Takacs for the bittern shot. I had guaranteed that we would get good birds today because I did not take my camera.)

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