Quick Butterfly Count at DeKorte


   Not the best time for a butterfly count — didn't start till 4 p.m. Thursday — but had a Monarch, a clearwing moth and plenty of Red Admirals, Broad-winged Skippers and Cabbage Whites.

   Full list follows. You can download your own DeKorte checklist here: Download DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet.

DeKorte Park Butterfly Count Sheet


Date and Time span: 071510,  1555 hours-1620 hours


Temperature: 83 degrees


Weather conditions:

__Clear and Sunny


Observers:  Jim W.



x_Butterfly Garden and environs

x_small meadow near Guardhouse  (Orange Sulphur)


1Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Whites and Sulphurs Family Pieridae

x Cabbage White

1 Orange Sulphur

Brush-footed Butterflies Family Nymphalidae

7 Red Admiral

Milkweed Butterflies Family Danaidae

1 __Monarch

Skippers Family Hesperiidae

6_Silver-spotted Skipper

2Least Skipper

xBroad-winged Skipper

2Skipper (sp.)


Clear-winged Moths Family Hemaris

1  Snowberry (dark legs)
Notes: American Lady, 2 Pearl Crescents, Black Swallowtail seen earlier in day.


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