Bird Fest: Whimbrel Pic Plus


Dale Jankowski took this sweeping shot of the Saw Mill Creek Mud Flats at DeKorte just before 8 a.m. on Saturday. (Thanks, Dale!)

Whimbrel-1 Chris Takacs managed to get this shot of the distant Whimbrel from a pontoon boat  at Anderson Creek Marsh by the Hackensack River.

He got the shot in part because of the expert helmspersonship of the NJMC's Gabrielle Bennett-Meany. (Thanks, Chris and Gaby!)

According to an old NJMC bird list, the last Meadwolands sighting for a Whimbrel was in 1991, on the ponds at the 1-E Landfill by Don Smith.

More on Whimbrels here.

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One thought on “Bird Fest: Whimbrel Pic Plus

  1. Mike G.

    Nice pic. We saw it on the 5:30 Pontoon trip too, but it was too distant and dark to get a good picture. When we saw the Whimbrel, it was standing on the main riverbank.


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