Tuesday Teaser 091410


NJMC Naturalist Gabrielle Bennett-Meany took this photo. What are you looking at?  And where was it taken? Clue is in the pic.

Gaby sez: "The snake shot was from a site near Snake Hill (go figure) There are probably a lot of nice areas near the rock that provide good habitat for a snake sunning itself.

"This one look quite comfortable in the soft club moss vegetation.  Probably the equivalent of a down pillow and comforter to you and I.  And at the same time he could be staking prey that might wander near the plants to eat."  (Thanks, Gaby!)

One thought on “Tuesday Teaser 091410

  1. Mike G.

    This stuff is great to camp on, because it is very soft. I usually see it at altitude at Harriman or Bear Mountain and didn’t know any grew locally. I didn’t see the snake until after I peeked at the answer; I just guessed common clubmoss.
    So after all that, what type of snake is it?


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