Tuesday Teaser 101910

Here's a bit of a mystery, as IDs of perched IMG_3408raptors can be.

   We photographed this guy on Valley Brook Ave, yesterday morning.

We are thinking Cooper's Hawk, because of the rounded tail and general shape and size.

What do you think? 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 101910

  1. julie mccall

    This is one of my big projects right now – trying to differentiate between the two. So this should be good practice, because the bird is holding still. 😉
    I’m thinking immature Cooper’s Hawk for the following reasons (not in any particular order of importance):
    Immature because of the chest pattern, and the yellow eye.
    1. The bird is on a post, and I’ve read that apparently Sharpies are much less likely to do so.
    2. The position of the eyes in relation to the bill. In the photos of Sharpies I’m looking at, it looks like the eye is placed closer to the bill than in photos of Cooper’s.
    3. The shape and size of the head.
    Even though I’m agreeing with you, I’m curious to see if anyone else weighs in and what their rationale is.

  2. Val

    I think you’re right. Also, I think that the streaking on the belly appears to be less than would be on a Sharpie. The superciliary threw me off a bit (seemed more Sharpie-like), but the squareness of the head seems more diagnostic.


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