Scott Weidensaul’s Talk

IMG_8133 More than 75 people braved the cold last night to hear prize-winning author Scott Weidensaul talk about the miracle known as bird migration — and some simple steps that any of us can take to make the world around us more bird-friendly.

One statistic was particularly dramatic for us in the Meadowlands.

IMG_2005-1Although we almost take Northern Pintails (left) for granted — especially on our guided winter nature walks — their numbers have been in steep decline over the past few decades. Their population has plummeted by 77 percent over that time span.

More on Northern Pintails here.

As Scott mentioned, places like the Meadowlands are vital rest stops and destinations for migratory birds. 

Scott's website is

(Thanks to Scott for his talk, and thanks to the Bergen County Audubuon Socciety for sponsoring this free event — which also marked the group's 70th anniversary. The Meadowlands Commission was proud to sponsor this event.)

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