Sunday’s Walk: 2 Red-Shouldereds, plus Full List

Our Sunday talk and walk featured a double surprise — two Red-shouldered Hawks.

The main group had an adult by the Carillon, and a smaller group had an immature Red-shoulder closer to the main parking lot. Maureen Krane supplied the shot of the adult, above. IMG_6730(Thanks, Maureen)

The immature (in the right-hand 
photo) also had the Sun at its back, and we photographed it and thought we'd sort it out later. Just downloaded the photo at lunchtime today.

It is a threatened species in New Jersey. Read about it here. More on Red-shouldered Hawks here.

Guess we'll have top add this bird to our Winter Raptors talk. 

We also had eight species of ducks (unless someone saw a Green-winged Teal that we missed). Full list follows.

Location:     DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst
Observation date:     12/5/10
Number of species:     21

Canada Goose    



Northern Shoveler    



Ruddy Duck   


Black Duck

Red-shouldered Hawk  

Red-tailed Hawk    

Greater Yellowlegs  

Ring-billed Gull  

Mourning Dove  

Black-capped Chickadee  

American Robin    

Northern Mockingbird

Red-winged Blackbird

European Starling   

Northern Cardinal

House Sparrow 

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Walk: 2 Red-Shouldereds, plus Full List

  1. Marjorie B.

    Great photos! Looking at them, I now realize that the hawk I saw soaring around outside my office window (160 Chubb, Lyndhurst) last Thursday was the adult red-shouldered. I noted the light orange-red underparts, but could not identify it until now. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Darn, wish I could have gone. The red-shouldered hawk would have been a life bird for me. So would the canvasback have been!


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