Raptor Report 021011

Mike Girone, intent on outdoing our recent report on Disposal Road, says:

Hung out on Disposal Rd. for much of [Wednesday] afternoon, and the raptors put on a classic show!
Dk-be2-0209-2 3 Bald Eagles were spotted from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. (#1: possible 4th year bird; #2: 2nd or 3rd year bird; #3: 4th year/near-adult). All were soaring northbound.
Up to 3 Red-tailed Hawks were visible at once.
At least 3 Northern Harriers patrolling the edges of the landfill (including 1 Gray Ghost, photo above).
A light-morph Rough-leg was frequently seen hover-hunting the area from 2:45 to 4:10 p.m. (the 2nd Bald Eagle of the afternoon was soaring by during one of the Rough-leg's hunting displays).
A Peregrine Falcon (possibly a juvenile) flew in from the east, following the Saw Mill power lines, then along Disposal Rd. heading west. Lost it behind the trees, but it did briefly soar out beyond the retention pond, looked to be hunting.
And not to be out-done, up to 5 Ring-necked Pheasants were seen foraging on the side of the landfill (mainly males, 1 female was seen).

5 thoughts on “Raptor Report 021011

  1. Sangeetha

    Thanks Jim for the response! I am assuming it is the the large mound to the right of the parking lot of the Dekorte park. When I walk from the parking lot towards the environment center, I can see a mound to my right. Is that what you are mentioning?

  2. Fred

    If the first picture is of a inmature bald eagle which I hear does not get the white feater head and tail till 5th year. then the brown feathered bird soaring above in oicture well his back is either dark brown feathers , I would like to know the color of his belly feathers are? The large brown feathered bird seen in on thich tree brach on the tree on left side just before the railroad tracks to entering the wildlife center. My Binularscurs 10x 50 showed a thich yellow large hook bill and large talongs claws and a big yellow eye, when he tool off his wing span was like over 4 ft looked like his belly feathers could be white or lith color. What do you think this bird was?


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