More Tree Swallow Boxes

NJMC naturalists Gabrielle Bennett-Meany and Michael Newhouse installed 20 new Tree Swallow nesting boxes in Mill Creek Marsh by boat earlier this week.

A few Tree Swallows arrived to inspect their new digs but we did not see anyone move in. We did see (and hear) a Peregrine Falcon zip past the boat on a strafing run toward  Green-winged Teal, a Bald Eagle, a Red-Tail and a Northern Harrier.

One thought on “More Tree Swallow Boxes

  1. Jeanie Curtiss

    We were just at Mill Creek Marsh this morning and there is only one nesting box from another year and a pair of swallows looking for a nice home. Could you please put some along the walkways where the old nesting boxes were?
    Thank you


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