Today’s Walk: Horned Grebe, Tree Swallows Plus


Great morning for our Third Tuesday walk, highlighted by great looks at the Horned Grebe in transitional plumage in Teal Pool.

Other highlights included first-of-the-year Tree Swallows (above). More than 20 folks participated — thanks for coming out on this beautiful day.

We will post a full list of birds, plus more pix, later this week.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Walk: Horned Grebe, Tree Swallows Plus

  1. David Schmittou

    Thanks so much to The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon for a marvelous introduction to The Meadowlands and DeKorte Park via the walk this morning. The Horned Grebe was a real treat! I heartily recommend these free walks. I know I’ll be back!

  2. Don Torino

    Glad you liked it David , The Meadowlands is an amazing place. every walk is a new and different experience. see you soon !


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