Carp Spawning at DeKorte

If you're wondering what all that splashing is about in the Shorebird Pool at DeKorte, wonder no more. It's carp, by the dozen, spawning.

More on Cyprinus carpio here — more than you probably want to know.

5 thoughts on “Carp Spawning at DeKorte

  1. Mike G.

    Yes, I saw this going on for hours yesterday, and you could see these monster fish half way out of the water. The above photo gives you no sense of how large these carp are: no Osprey is going to haul one of these bodies out of the water! Last year they spawned right along the bank of the shorebird pool along the Transco trail, and you could have reached down and picked on out of the water (if you were so inclined).
    I’m surprised that there were no shorebirds capitalizing on this caviar feast.

  2. Fred

    Excellent photo, I never saw carp spawning. and will try to get down there to see this unusal event. Very cool . making more fishes love it.

  3. Rob

    I was there this past Sunday and they were within arms-reach in the Shorebird Pool. I never saw an event like this before and it was very memorable!

  4. Michael Britt

    Eurasian Carp is an invasive species that is detrimental to North American ecosystems. Their spawning and feeding habits increase the turbidity of the water adversely affecting aquatic plant life due to decreased sunlight penetration in the water column. This species is quite common in the Meadowlands and unfortunately impossible to get rid of at this point.


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