Warbler Released


The Linnemans of Wood-Ridge appeared at the Environment Center on Friday with their pet dog and a large box with holes punched in it.

P1100248 They found a bird near Wood-Ridge High School that couldn't fly and was acting stunned, so they brought it to the Meadowlands.

Naturalist Gabrielle Bennett-Meany took the bird toward the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve area of DeKorte Park, and opened the box to see if the Magnolia Warbler could fly on its own.

It could, and it did.

We thank the Linnemans for thinking of us. We suspected the bird must have flown into a window and must have been stunned when they found it.  The Linnemans concurred.

Once the bird recovered, they could have released the bird on their own, but they wanted to make sure the bird was OK.

Thank you for caring, Mr. and Mrs. Linneman!


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