DeKorte Bird Report 061611: Pheasant babies

Mike Gempp reports:

Disposal Road: Brown-headed Cowbirds, nesting Eastern Kingbirds, a pair of nesting Orchard Orioles, at least one Baltimore Oriole,  Killdeer by the dozen, and a few Spotted Sandpipers roaming the hillside.

The highlight of the afternoon was seeing a family of pheasants strutting along the hillside. I saw the male first, all lit up in the sun, and then started seeing the babies, and then Mom. There were eleven birds all told.

DeKorte: Indigo Bunting, plenty of Goldfinches, a Song Sparrow, a pair of Cardinals, a Black Crowned Night Heron, and the usual cast of characters. Marsh Wrens, Osprey and baby ducks abound, and Egrets continue to be scarce.

(Thanks, Mike!)

One thought on “DeKorte Bird Report 061611: Pheasant babies

  1. Herbert Flavell

    There used to be hundreds of pheasants in Little Ferry and Moonachie. Years ago,in the 40s there was a club that shot at pheasants as they released them. The club was on a piece of property called the Blauvelt Estate.I’m not sure when it was bought out if it was. On most Saturdays when we were off school we would stand outside the fenced estate and wait for birds that were not shot to fly over the fence. The escaped pheasants either were shot by other hunters outside the estate or lived to produce the next summer. But because of that club there were many pheasants in that area.Time passes but not always for the better


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