Glossy Ibis at Harrier Meadow: Updated Update

NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse and Marsh Hawk Chis Takacs came upon a Glossy Ibis at Harrier Meadow this IMG_3347-1morning. 

Chris had the bird again in the same spot at 1:20, and we had it there at 2:20 — briefly. We checked at 5 with no luck.

We will post here if we have a new sighting.


3 thoughts on “Glossy Ibis at Harrier Meadow: Updated Update

  1. Chris Takacs

    Glossy Ibis was seen again at Harrier Meadow at 1:20 in the same area Mike found the bird this morning

  2. sally teschon

    so jealous-we were there today-too busy talking I guess-yak, yak (not the animal) yak.
    It was a great day for a walk and talk. Made 2 new fans of the Meadowlands.


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