Ron Shields: Orchard Orioles at the Carillon

Copy of IMG_2578  Copy of IMG_2354
Ron Shields took these photos of a female and a male Orchard Oriole out by the Carillon Disposal Road this past week.

Thanks, Ron!

One thought on “Ron Shields: Orchard Orioles at the Carillon

  1. Mike G.

    I’ve been hearing them – it’s a very distinct call — but so far have only managed to catch a glimpse of the female.
    I had a Blue Grosbeak hopping through the trees by the entrance of the Discovery Trail near sunset last night, and had an Eastern Kingbird sitting on the log just inside the entrance to the trail Thursday afternoon. I was surprised to see one there, as previously I have only seen them down on Disposal Road. There was also a nice adult Red Tail working the area east of the ball-field. You could really see its red tail lit up in the sun.


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