Bird Report: 073111, Night

Mike Britt reports:

[Sunday] night, Common Nighthawks were heard calling over the Kingsland and 1-E Landfills. One nighthawk was observed by the Erie Landfill. Two Barn Owls were observed nearby. (Thanks, Mike!)

[Note: Disposal Road goes past both Kingsland and Erie Landfills. Look out for speed bumps and traffic any time of day or night; try to avoid the road weekdays because of heavy construction equipment and other trucks using the roadway.]

One thought on “Bird Report: 073111, Night

  1. Mike

    I guess that explains the small group of people standing around with binoculars up near Schuyler Avenue and Disposal Road at around 8:30 last night. I said to my friend, “I’ll bet they’re looking for Nighthawks”.


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