Teaser Answered

IMG_3842(1)Yesterday's Teaser was a (first-winter) Connecticut Warbler.

Could be our toughest teaser yet…

Congrats to Julie McCall for IDing the bird. Impressive!

(And thanks again to Jim Kuehlke for the photo!)

More on Connecticut Warblers here.

4 thoughts on “Teaser Answered

  1. kc

    I didn’t want to venture a guess until I consulted my field guide, but I my best guess as of last night was connecticut warbler. I haven’t observed this bird yet firsthand. Thanks for keeping me plugged into warbler identification
    even though it’s winter (well almost).

  2. Mike G.

    I’ve seen her in the field, and Julie McCall is just astonishingly good at IDing. I’m sure lots of hard work went into it.

  3. julie mccall

    Mike, that’s nice of you to say. However, I’m usually amused my my astonishing *misidentifications*!! Like the time I thought some Black-crowned Night-herons were hawks… or that a pigeon was a raptor… or that the styrofoam was a swan, etc.
    I love dissecting IDs on these photos, because it’s always a learning experience. This one was luck – there’s a photo in the Crossley Guide that looks very much like the bird photographed here. The shape and general feel of it seemed to match up, too. I wanted to sit here and compare and contrast several field guides, but had to go to work.
    The Crossley is a great “workbook”, and I can’t say enough good things about my obsessive collecting of field guides. 🙂
    I also am a fan of looking at a bird/photo and saying to myself, “Why isn’t this a ________?” because it helps think it through. I’ve seen a Mourning Warbler up close, so had a frame of reference. I expected a bit of an eye line on an Orange-crowned. And Fall warblers are often doozies when it comes to ID anyway. At least to me. 🙂
    Happy Birding!


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