Our Latest wildnewjersey.tv Post

Snow buntings-1

Our latest "Focus on the Meadowlands" post for the wildnewjersey.tv features:

* A flock of Snow Buntings

* A lingering Great Blue Heron

* That Elusive American Bittern

The link is here.

3 thoughts on “Our Latest wildnewjersey.tv Post

  1. Jim Wright

    A few G.B. Herons hang around every year, but most head south. Maybe because it’s a mild winter, but we are seeing more birds that typically migrate to warmer climes…

  2. Mike G.

    I looked at a range map from Cornell, and it looks like we are in a “year round” range for GB Herons. But it has been a warm winter: I saw my first robin this past Monday by the entrance to DeKorte.


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