Hybrid Duck at DeKorte?


Thomas Andres sent in this photo of a daffy duck  from last weekend in Teal Pool.

At first glance it looks like a Ruddy – Shoveler  - Pintail – Mallard, or perhaps an elusive Turduckin…  The prevailing theory so far is that it's a Mallard hybrid.

Can anyone shed some light?  (Thanks, Thomas!)

More pix follow.






8 thoughts on “Hybrid Duck at DeKorte?

  1. Mickey R.

    Elaine and I have seen some sort of a hybrid mallard at Mill Creek Marsh a few years ago, but that one had a much darker head and neck. Although appearing to be of adult size, it almost seemed to be going through the pre-adult period with that sort of disheveled look. We have not seen it since. The one here looks quite large. Was there any other similar one present?

  2. Jim Wright

    Thanks, Rick… I guess I can’t count it… :- )
    Any thoughts on the chicken, other than whether she (I think) crossed the road to get to Mill Creek Marsh…?


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