Smithsonian Magazine Blog: Meadowlands by Train


One of the latest entries on the Smithsonian Magazine blogs is a nifty column about all the neat stuff you can see when you take the train from New York to Washington, D.C. — including the Meadowlands.

Says the magazine: "The New York Jets and Giants play football at the Meadowlands near the mouths of the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers. Passing by on the train you wouldn’t know that the 20,000-acre wetland is infamously polluted, the perfect place for Tony Soprano to dump dead bodies. Instead, you see high reeds and water channels visited by Snowy Egrets and Peregrine Falcons—indications that the natural wonders of the region may get a second chance, thanks to an ambitious plan mounted by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission."

We at the NJMC would like tothink the natural wonders are getting a second chance already. :- )

Link to entire story is here.

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