Bittern info, video, Eurasian Teal and more

Chris Takacs' awesome DeKorte Bittern video from Saturday is here. (Thanks, Chris!)

Julie McCall reports:

Before or after yesterday's walk:

* About 50 Snow Buntings continuing atop the landfill.

* After a lot of standing around, I finally saw the American Bittern around 4pm.  (notes below)

* A Green-winged Teal, the Eurasian  remix, was hanging out with its brethren between the MDT and the railroad tracks

* An immature Bald Eagle was nice enough to drop by

* American Tree Sparrow between Disposal Road and the Transco Trail

* A handful of Red-winged Blackbirds seen from the Marsh Discovery Trail

Bittern notes:  various birders said that yesterday it worked its way from the "Ruddy blind"and along the phrag edge all the way toward the main entrance. Today, it was seen in mid-afternoon by several birders, and then finally I saw it the same location.   If you look at the Bittern Locator Map posted to meadowblog the other day, the bird was seen against the phrag edge above the "L" and the "A" in "Kingsland."   (Thanks, Julie!)




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