Bird Report: Laurel Hill

Julie McCall reports:

I was at Laurel Hill Tuesday morning, and counted FIFTY Black-crowned Night Herons.  That's not an estimate, I actually counted each individual bird.  Pretty nifty.  

I also had at least 4 Osprey – 4 was the high count I had in sight at once.  There was an awful lot of interaction among them.  They seemed to be squabbling for the rights to sit on top of the lights over the fields.

I stood next to one of the ballfields for about ten minutes while the Ospreys bickered right over my head.  At one point, one Osprey got too close to the nest for comfort, and it was promptly chased off by one of the Common 
Ravens.  Other raptors included an American Kestrel, a Peregrine Falcon, an adult Bald Eagle, and the silhouettes of 3 Buteos.

Also of note: 1 Yellow-rumped Warbler, 1 flyover Common Loon, and 2 Tree Swallows fighting with a Northern Mockingbird that was too close to their nest box.  (That Mockingbird must have aspirations to be an Osprey.)

(Thanks, Julie!)

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