DeKorte Park Spring Buds and Flowers!

April 1_DeKorte Park Lenten Rose_Regina Geoghan_0757-002
The spring blooms are out in full force in DeKorte Park these days.

Regina Geoghan was nice enough to share some of the photos she took of nature's finery in the park last weekend. The photo above is of a Lenten Rose. The photo below is of Forsythia. (Thanks, Regina!)

April 1_Forsythia DeKorte Park_ReginaGeoghan_0716-002

Two more photos follow.

April 1_Daffodils DeKorte Park_ReginaGeoghan_0753-002


April 1_DeKortePark Lenten Rose_ReginaGeoghan_0745-002

Lenten Roses.


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