Rare Species Sightings Wanted!


The Conserve Wildlife Foundation writes:

The New Jersey Endangered and Non-game Species Program (ENSP) collects data for, not just rare birds, but all of the state’s endangered, threatened, and special concern species. 

A Rare Wildlife Sighting Report Form is available on ENSP’s website for download as well as instructions for completing the form.  A complete list of all of the species tracked by the state — such as the Eastern Box Turtle above –can be downloaded here.

Rare species data within the state’s database plays a critical role in wildlife and habitat conservation. It is the foundation of the NJ DEP’s Landscape Project, a GIS product that maps critical areas for imperiled species based upon species locations and land-use classifications.

The resulting maps allow state, county, municipal, and private agencies to identify important wildlife habitats and protect them in a variety of ways.

This information is used to regulate land-use within the state and assists in preserving endangered and threatened species habitat remaining in New Jersey.

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