A New Meadowlands Butterfly Competition!

The Meadowlands has a Big Year for birders, so why not a "Meadowlands Little Year" for butterfly lovers?

The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society are pleased to announce a brand-new butterfly competition to see how many species you (or you and your family) can identify in the Meadowlands this year.

Best waNJMC Butterfliesy to start is to pick up a free DeKorte Park  Butterfly Guide at the Meadowlands Environment Center and check off the butterflies as you see them.

Surprisingly, we have already seen many butterfly species in the Meadowlands already this year. They like warm sunny weather, and we finally got some on Friday.

The individual and family that have found the most species by Oct. 31 will be declared the winners.

Their prize will be their choice of one of several beautiful butterfly-related prize from our Tideland Treasures Gift Shop.

Don't hesitate to photograph the butterflies you see. You never know — we see a new-for-the-Meadowlands species or two each year to add to our list.

Biggest rule of the competition: Have fun!

E-mail Jim wright at jim.wright (at) njmeadowlands.gov if you have questions/suggestions.

One thought on “A New Meadowlands Butterfly Competition!

  1. Actsofkindnessnj

    Hi Jim,
    While my daughter and I were at both Butterfly day and Moth night, we really don’t get down to the Environmental Center as often as I would like. Here is a list of butterflies seen in my home garden: Painted Ladies, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Black Swallowtail, white commons, yellow commons, Buckeye, Monarch, Question Mark, Pink-Tipped Sulphur, tons of Skippers, Wild Indigo Duskywing. The skippers are new for this season, and the duskywing I spotted today.


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