Osprey Population Boom!

A couple of recent Meadowlands Commission pontoon boat trips on the Hackensack River included multiple Osprey sightings, including (above) this guy with a fish atop the Lift Bridge. There is a new nest nearby.

All told, there are at least four active 2012 Bird of the YearOsprey nests along the Hackensack River, and a likely fifth.

There is also a possible sixth nest farther inland — and that would be a big first.

We're not saying that we predicted this Osprey housing explosion, but we did make the Osprey the 2012 Meadowlands Bird of the Year, with a special T shirt in its honor.

The T shirt is available at the Tideland Treasures Gift Shop in the Environment Center at DeKorte Park.

(The gift shop is traesure unto itself — you should check it out the next time you are at DeKorte!)

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