That Mystery Moth and More

June 28_Clear-winged Moth DeKorte_RTGeoghan_0755-001

Greg Miller ID'd this mystery moth photographed on Thursday by Regina Geoghan as a Nessus Sphinx Moth, and it sure looks like he is right.

Turns out that another species of diurnal moth (below) was in the DeKorte Butterfly Garden the same day, and photographed by Sandy Sorkin. This guy appears to be a Hummingbird Clear-winged Moth.

We'll look for both these guys on our Butterfly Beginners Walk, beginning with a short talk and slide show at 1 p.m. tomorrow  (Sunday).

Great blog post on diurnal moths by moth expert/author Seabrooke Leckie is here.

SS7_9152 Hummingbird Moth

One thought on “That Mystery Moth and More

  1. Rita

    My husband spoted 3 of what we thought was some kind of bees on the 4 th of July, and when we looked close up on our phones, the top half looked like a hummingbird and bottem like a bee. We were amazed and I seen this photo and it is what we took a picture of.


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