DeKorte Butterfly Species List

With Butterfly Day just 11 days away, we have compiled a Butterfly Checklist for DeKorte Park, combining our NJMC Butterfliesobservations over the past four years with the North American Butterly Association's checklist for DeKorte Park (Thanks, NABA!)

The list is below — copy and paste to make your own checklist.

You can also download our free "Butterflies of DeKorte Park" brochure, featuring photos of the most common butterflies seen in the park.

(We know, enough with the Monarchs already!)

Link is here.


Butterflies of DeKorte Park Checklist as of July 10, 2012

__Pipevine Swallowtail

__Black Swallowtail

__Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

__Cabbage White

__Clouded Sulphur

__Orange Sulphur

__Gray Hairstreak

__Red-banded Hairstreak

__Eastern Tailed-Blue

__Variegated Fritillary

__Great Spangled Fritillary

__Pearl Crescent

__Question Mark

__Eastern Comma

__Mourning Cloak

__American/Painted Lady
__American Snout

__Red Admiral

__Common Buckeye


__Tawny Emperor


__Silver-spotted Skipper

__Juvenal's Duskywing

__Wild Indigo Duskywing

__Common Sootywing

__Least Skipper

__European Skipper

__Fiery Skipper

__Peck's Skipper

__Delaware Skipper

__Broad-winged Skipper


Adapted from the North American Butterfly Association’s New Jersey Chapter’s Dekorte Park list.


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