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Tuesday Teaser 081412

Stephen Buckingham passed along this pic.  We had planned to include it the assortment of bird pix taken at DeKorte in the past few days, but then realized that it might make a cool Tuesday Teaser, especially since we needed one.

Do these two birds have something in common?  We just don't see it.

(Thanks, Steve!)

Young Least Bittern Pix From Ron Shields

IMG_3772-001We have been inundated with lots of really cool shots of the Least Bitterns and the Tricolored Heron and assorted other birds from the past few days.

Thought we'd post some as time allows, beginning with two Ron Shields shots of young  Least Bitterns — love that head fuzz.

The bitterns, the Tricolored Heron, and four Stilt Sandpipers have been reported today.

I have also heard reports of at least one Bald Eagle. You just never know what you might see.

Kevin Karlson Shorebird Day: The Full Report

Saturday was our fourth annual Kevin Karlson Shorebird Day, highlighted by the young Tricolored Heron, several Least Bitterns, a Peregrine Falcon and — at day's end — an American White Pelican. (Full list is below.)

Erinn Connor of The Record wrote a nifty story for Sunday's editions. The link is here.

We want to thank Kevin Karlson and his fellow professional nature photographer Lloyd Spitalnik for joining us for a great day of walks, talks, slide shows and workshops.

We also want to thank the folks who helped us on the walks, including Denise Farrell, Don Torino, Rob Fanning, and Peggy O'Neill, plus everyone who participated in the nifty annual event.

Finally, we want to thank NJMC naturalsit Mike Newhouse for lowering the water levels in the Shorebird Pool, a key factor in attracting so many awesome birds. Adjusting water levels is an art, and a lot of hard work. (Thanks, Mike!)

The full list of birds follows.

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