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Nifty Sunset Shot from Last Night

Mike Maddaloni, who specializes in Meadowlands sunset photos, writes:

I don't know if you caught the sky last night, but it was SPECTACULAR. I was running from lot to lot trying to get the best vantage point of it.

The sky was a deep red with a velvet effect, haven't seen it like this for years.

Usually I don't like to get the power lines in the shot but the sky changed in mere seconds by the time I got further out. 

Thanks, Mike! We will post more of his scintillating sunset shots next week.

Mike Girone: Disposal Road Raptor Report

IMG_1326Mike Girone writes:

Ron Shields and I were out and about in the Meadowlands Friday afternoon & early evening. Kearny & Mill Creek Marshes were both quiet.

Disposal Road saved the day, delivering some awesome late-day action (in addition to the possible immature Little Blue Heron in the retention pond earlier in the afternoon).

More info and pix follow. (We’ll post another Peregrine/Kestrel encounter tomorrow.)

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Tuesday: Our Next Walk

Our next walk is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. in the legendary Harrier Meadow in North Arlington.

The 70-acre site — usually off limits to the public — features ponds and tidal impoundments and shorebirds aplenty. Lots of butterflies and dragonflies, too. A young Little Blue Heron and a Pied-billed Grebe were seen there last week, but if things are slow we may head over to DeKorte Park and check the Marsh Discovery Trail for neat stuff.

Full listing follows.

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