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National Database Seeks Least Bittern Pix and More

This from eBird:

What if a computer could identify a Merlin by its photograph?

With recent advances in computer vision, this idea is no longer a pipe dream.  The Cornell Lab is teaming up with computer vision researchers, the Visipedia team, at UC-San Diego, UC-Berkeley and Caltech to tackle this challenge.

To get this effort rolling, we are building a database of 70,000 correctly identified images to train our system to identify 550 North American birds, and we are looking for people to share their images of these species. Click here to contribute your photos!

(One of the birds they need pix of is a Least Bittern… Hmmm….)


Birding by Boat: The Full List

Cropped Kestrel From Pontoon Ride, Carlstadt, Aug. 28, 2012Thanks to all who joined us for our Birding by Boat on Tuesday,and thanks to Denise Farrell for the following report.

Highlights included Boat-tailed Grackle, Common Raven, Bald Eagle, an American Kestrel at River Barge Park, and Clapper Rail (heard only).

Butterfly notes: Cloudless Sulphur seen at River Barge Park, plus butterflies zipping along the river (in migration?) throughout the cruise.

The full list follows. (Thanks, Denise, and thanks to Michele Sunberg for the photo of the American Kestrel!)

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Stephen Buckingham: Dragonfly Report

Buckingham needham's dragonfly
Stephen Buckingham writes:

I saw a cool dragonfly species earlier this month along Disposal Road, a Needham's Skimmer (above).

They (there were 3) were flying and perching around a large mucky/algaeous puddle that backs up to phragmites between the white trailer and the fenced in machinery with the methane burn stack. 

There were also twelve-spotted skimmers, black saddlebags, and eastern pondhawk dragonflies, and familiar bluet damselflies in and around the same puddle.  The Needham's was a first for me. 

(Thanks, Steve!)