Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Tuesday Teaser 012213

IMG_4026This is a real birder challenge — overcast day, distant look.

How many Black-crowned Night Herons are in this photo, taken on last Tuesday's Laurel Hill Walk?  (These guys are almost as hard to find as those dang Horned Larks.) Answer tomorrow.

Do You Use eBird?

If you bird regularly, or even just keep a list for your backyard, it's time you signed up for eBird, an online way to keep track of (and share your sightings).

And if you plan to compete in the 2013 Meadowlands Big Year, it's pretty much a necessity.

No more guessing at spellings, or scribbling down bird lists on the back of envelopes.

And if you on  one of  the free guided walks sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society, we'll even share our eBird sightings list with you (and you can just remove the names of birds you didn't see).

At eBird.org you can automatically keep track of life lists, year lists, state  county lists, backyard lists, Meadowlands lists and much much more.

The site is here.

Click "register as a new user," then explore. Everything is pretty self-explanatory if you spend a little time, and it's worth the effort. All your bird sightings will be just a few clicks away. 

If you haven't signed up for eBird, what are you waiting for?