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Our Next Walk: Tuesday, Jan. 15, Laurel Hill (Oh, Yeah!)

DSCN2437Our next free walk is Tuesday, Jan. 15, at Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus.

We are hoping to get our buddies, the Common Ravens (will they try to nest there again?), plus raptors, winter waterfowl, a Great Blue Heron or two, two kinds of cormorants, and other varous assorted sundries that we might see along the Hackensack River or above the marshes.

We might even throw in a little history about this amazing place.

Brought to you by the nice folks at the Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission.

Full listing follows.

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Monday Photographers Showcase: The Bongiornos

One of the new features we've wanted to add to the blog is the Monday Photographers Showcase, so we promote nature photography in the Meadowlands and the wonderful folks who take such amazing pictures here.

We thought we'd begin with a not-so-familiar pair of photographers — filmmakers Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno.

They write: "Happy 2013!

"We're Emmy-nominated, award-winning filmmakers who create cutting edge fiction, documentary, and museum installation films.

"Current focus of our work is on sustainability of cities – reducing poverty, fostering community, creating zero-energy homes, and preserving and protecting natural resources.

"The 3 photos were shot in all seasons in one of our favorite meditative spots – DeKorte Park."

The link to the Bongiornos' website is here. (Thanks, Marylou and Jerome!)

Photographers: Please send us your three favorite Meadowlands photos, tell us a little about yourselves, and provide any pertinent links!

Next time: Roy Woodford

Two more photos follow.

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