Daily Archives: January 29, 2013

Mill Creek Marsh Icescape

V NYC View 026a MCM Mdwlnds NJ Marsh w Ice 012613 OKMickey Raine writes:

"It was really cold [Sunday], about the fourth straight day of low temperatures.  But at Mill Creek Marsh, the heavy winds picking up some of the chill from the iced over water as it whipped around, made for a particularly frigid outing." 

"We were there roughly an hour before sunset, so the sky had cast a beautiful, rich blue upon the snow covered areas and the exposed icy water. 

"As the sun began to descend …, the warm tones had blanketed the landscape, transforming the scenery into another level of beauty."  (Thanks, Mickey!)

Ron Shields’ Latest Disposal Road Report

IMG_3108Ron Shields writes:

"We had another fine weekend on Disposal Road, with Saturday being much more active than Sunday due largely to the aerial antics of the resident female American Kestrel (above). 

"In addition, the usual Red-tails continued their cooperation and an adult Bald Eagle provided a distant flyover each day.  A Gray Ghost, female harriers and a Peregrine Falcon made brief appearances as well. 

"No sign of a Rough-legged Hawk but the pipits were back again."

(Thanks, Ron!)

Two more pix — of the kestrel and a (comin' right at ya) Red-tail — follow.

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