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Tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) Free Walk: Laurel Hill

DSCN2437Our next free walk is tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 15) at Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus.

We are hoping to get our buddies, the Common Ravens (will they try to nest there again?), plus raptors, winter waterfowl, a Great Blue Heron or two, two kinds of cormorants, and other various assorted sundries that we might see along the Hackensack River or above the marshes.

We might even throw in a little history about this amazing place.

Brought to you by the nice folks at the Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission.

Full listing follows.

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Photographers Showcase: Roy Woodford

Roy 3
This post is one of a weekly series to promote nature photography in the Meadowlands and the wonderful folks who take such amazing pictures here. This week we are profiling Roy Woodford.

Roy, a frequent contributor to this blog, is one of the photographers you'll see on Disposal Road, manning a Hubble Telescope of a lens.

Roy was also the one photography-first participants in the Meadowlands 2012 Big Year competition, and he not only saw more than 100 birds but he photographed roughly half of them as well.

You can see Roy's Meadowlands Big Year photos here.

Two more of Roy's photos, with his descriptions, follow.

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