Photographers Showcase: Roy Woodford

Roy 3
This post is one of a weekly series to promote nature photography in the Meadowlands and the wonderful folks who take such amazing pictures here. This week we are profiling Roy Woodford.

Roy, a frequent contributor to this blog, is one of the photographers you'll see on Disposal Road, manning a Hubble Telescope of a lens.

Roy was also the one photography-first participants in the Meadowlands 2012 Big Year competition, and he not only saw more than 100 birds but he photographed roughly half of them as well.

You can see Roy's Meadowlands Big Year photos here.

Two more of Roy's photos, with his descriptions, follow.


Roy writes:

Here's a curve ball for you.  My favorite shots that I've taken in the Meadowlands aren't of birds per se.  Every now and then I meander back to my first love … the beauty and simplicity of black and white.

– Egret Feather floating in the North Pool off the MDT (at top of blog). 

– Great Egret at dusk in the West Pool (above).

– Grass in a mud puddle on Disposal Road (below).

Roy 2

5 thoughts on “Photographers Showcase: Roy Woodford

  1. Susan Spear (on behalf of a relative of yours,Christine Woodford,Bristol England

    Dear Roy,
    A friend of mine, Christine Woodford, has told me that you are a relative of hers, and showed me a photograph taken of a very handsome young man.
    She asked me to look for you on the internet, so I shall copy your page and let her have it. Unfortunately she does not have a computer.
    Her address is Cotswold Road, Bedminster, Bristol BA3


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