Daily Archives: January 20, 2013

Super Bird Sunday Preview?

P1080128From a purely avian standpoint, wouldn’t it be nice to see the Ravens play the Falcons in the Super Bowl?

If so, we predict both will take to the air — maybe even with a double-wing formation. (Insert your own football/birding joke here.)

That turn of events would make for an even more interesting Super Bird Sunday free guided walk on Feb. 3 — perhaps an extra-special prize for the first person on the walk to see a Raven or Falcon on the walk, if the team is playing in two weeks?  Just a thought.

Incidentally, in case you are wondering, we have had  previous posts about Ravens competing against Falcons — at Laurel Hill.

Post One (a report by photographer Michael Mastropasqua, with pix) is here.

Post Two (a report from NJ Audubon’s Rick Radis) is here. (Rick also has a wonderful post about Ravens on eBIrd; link is here.

(Note: In our three previous years of Super Bird Sunday walks, we have not had a team with a bird nickname involved.)