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Photographers Showcase: Patrick Carney

GBBC2 2012 340-001
Today's featured photographer is Patrick Carney.

Patrick writes:

"When I was 8, my parents got me a point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. I would go out with it all the time in local parks and in my yard, and I loved taking nature pictures! Now I'm in high school, and my equipment and skill have definitely improved.

Back in the days of the first few point-and-shoots, I remember being disappointed with the pictures 'because they weren't like the ones on magazine covers.' Now with a better lens, I am really able to zoom in on my favorite subjects – birds."

"I'm happy to say that my photos have now appeared in two magazines; the 2012 May/June issue of Wild Bird magazine, and the January/February 2013 Audubon Magazine (picture taken @ DeKorte!).

"The interest in photography, however, wouldn't have gotten to where it was without great places like the Meadowlands to go and take pictures. The variety of birds in the Meadowlands is amazing, and a walk through a place like DeKorte is always rewarding even if I don't come away with a good photo. "

Patrick's website is http://carneynaturephoto.weebly.com    

Two more photos follow.

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