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Mehrhof Pond Eagles

Frank Muscara posted the following on JerseyBirds:

"Five Bald Eagles seen Feb 6th 8:30 am at Mehrhof Pond in Little Ferry. One first-year eagle and two adults perched in tree along the pond and two third-year eagles in a fly-by over the pond. "

(Thanks, Frank!)

Don Torino Column on Losen Slote Sweetgums

IMG_4536-002Don Torino, one of the leaders of our Bergen County Audubon Society/N.J. Meadowlands Commission walks, has a new column on wildnewjersey.tv about the Sweetgums of Losen Slote Creek Park and the amazing birds they have been attracting.

Here's the beginning:

"Last Sunday, birders from all over New Jersey descended upon Losen Slote Creek Park to see if they could get a look at some White-winged Crossbills that were generous enough to stop over and give us local folks a thrill.

"As a multitude of binoculars gazed skyward, I could hear a nice young lady cry out, 'There they are on the itchy balls!'

"I couldn’t help but laugh. I hadn’t heard  the tree referred to by that name for a very long time. Of course, the tree that she was so happily denoting is a Liquidambar styraciflua, the Sweetgum tree."

The link is here.

Pheasant Flyover, Valley Brook Road, 5:40 P.M.

Just after leaving DeKorte Park yesterday at 5:40 p.m., we saw a bird fly over our car and land to my left. Hoping it might be a Short-eared Owl, we pulled over.  It turned out to be a male Ring-necked Pheasant, our first of the year  — the sky was too dark for a decent photograph. Passing this along in case someone is interested in trying to add the bird to their list.

Today, saw a pair of male Hooded Mergansers at lunchtime at the Clay Avenue Wetlands in Lyndhurst.


2013 Big Year Totals So Far!

DSCN9973We have some tallies as of January 31, 2013, from many of the folks competing in the Meadowlands Big Year.

Congrats to all for competing. We hope you are having fun close to home, and seeing lots of great birds.

Keep in mind that some birders are in the Meadowlands all the time, and others get here occasionally, so their birdage may differ.

(These are unofficial numbers, and obviously change all the time.)

If you're name's not on the list, please e-mail Jim Wright at jim.wright (at) njmeadowlands.gov. It's still early! Sign up now!

Here is the leader board:

           1. Chris Takacs:  76, (2012 reigning champion, ineligible for prizes in 2013 as a result, lives in district)
           2. Mike Newhouse 66 (NJMC, setting a target number for competitors)
           3. Mike Wolfe 62 species (out of district)
           4. Ray Duffy, 60 (in district)
           5. Oliver Stringham, 60  (in district)
           6. Jackie DeMarco, 60 (out of district)
           7. Jim Wright,  58 (NJMC staff, ineligible for prizes)
           8. Julie McCall, 55 (in district)
           9. Dennis Cheeseman, 51 (out of district)
           10.  Roy Woodford 47 (out of district)
           11. Rob Fanning 29   (out of district)
           12. Mike Turso 28 (out of district)

The leader board as of Jan. 31, 2012, follows.

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