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A Great Review of ‘The Nature of the Meadowlands’

The "10,000 Birds" 1-Nature of Meadowlands cover-001 Blog just posted an extensive review of "The Nature of the Meadowlands," and we couldn't be more excited.

The reviewer, Donna Lynn Schulman, is extremely knowledgeable about the Meadowlands, its checkered history, and its amazing environmental comeback — and "got" what the Meadowlands Commission set out to accomplish with the book. We sure appreciate her kind words.

A link to the review is here.

North Bergen Peregrine

Dave Rotondi writes:

"As I drove into work today, I exited off of the Bergen Bridge up to North Bergen (by the Toys R Us) and stopped at a light at the intersection of 30th st. and Kennedy Boulevard.

"Lo and behold, a Peregrine Falcon landed on the barrier fence that protects the motorists on I-495 below.  I was able to get a great look at this awesome bird as it stayed perched for the 30 seconds I was at stopped the light.

"I got my closest look (about 20ft) as I passed it when the light turned green, but I couldn't tell if it was banded.  I've often seen Red-tails and Peregrines hunting the pigeons that are plentiful in the area, but to see one land in such an odd spot was a nice treat for a cold and snowy Tuesday morning."  (Thanks, Dave!)

Super Bird Sunday IV: The Full Lists

DSCN4558We had a great Super Bird Sunday IV Walk — with roughly 50 folks, and 33 species of birds. 

Mike Turso ID'd the first bird on the walk that had the same name as an NFL team — a (Arizona) Cardinal. and Jackie DeMarco correctly ID'd an (Atlanta) falcon (American Kestrel).

What's more, since the first part of the walk produced no NFL team birds, Tony Gregorio was credited for identifying a (Detroit) Red-wing.

All three winners received NJMC pontoon boat cruises for two this summer.

(Congrats to Mike, Jackie and Tony!)

Although a (Philadelphia) eagle was seen by two of the walk leaders, no participant saw it so the prize went unclaimed.

We saw no (Baltimore) Ravens on the walk, though we did see some later at the Kearny Marsh.

Thanks to Julie McCall and Denise Farrell for helping to compile the list of birds seen on Super Bird Sunday Walk at the former Kingsland landfill.

The full list follows, along with a list of birds seen at the Kearny Marsh (and another photo of the American White Pelican, with American [black] Coots).

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