North Bergen Peregrine

Dave Rotondi writes:

"As I drove into work today, I exited off of the Bergen Bridge up to North Bergen (by the Toys R Us) and stopped at a light at the intersection of 30th st. and Kennedy Boulevard.

"Lo and behold, a Peregrine Falcon landed on the barrier fence that protects the motorists on I-495 below.  I was able to get a great look at this awesome bird as it stayed perched for the 30 seconds I was at stopped the light.

"I got my closest look (about 20ft) as I passed it when the light turned green, but I couldn't tell if it was banded.  I've often seen Red-tails and Peregrines hunting the pigeons that are plentiful in the area, but to see one land in such an odd spot was a nice treat for a cold and snowy Tuesday morning."  (Thanks, Dave!)

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