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Teaser Answered — or Not….


Tracks2Greg Gard submitted these photos of critter tracks in the Kearny Marsh (above) and on Disposal Road (left).

Greg wanted to hear what readers of the blog thought about these tracks, and well, he got what he wished for –  everything from coot to muskrat to platypus….

Greg himself wrote that "I don't have answers but I'm guessing that the first one is a duck, most likely a Mallard – Roy W. thinks it was an American Coot.

"Second one is most likely a Coyote because impression of the feet are to close to each other for a deer.

"Snow cover was about 8-10 inches high and a "local" cat would left an impression of his belly in the snow 🙂 "

We are going with platypus (or Mallard) and Coyote until proven otherwise.  (Thanks, Greg!)


Yesterday’s Harrier Meadow Walk: The Full List

Had a great turnout for yesterday's Harrier Meadow walk — 29 species of birds and 37 types of humans (including someDSCN5003 enthusiastic 4H club members).

Highlights included four and twenty (Red-winged) Blackbirds; we are pleased to report that no pie was involved.

Also had our FOY Killdeer, making their semi-wonderful dentist-drill sounds.

Full list follows.

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