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Photographers Showcase: Bruce Harman

Green winged Teal_ Synchronized Feeding Team
Today's featured photogrpaher is Bruce Harman.

Bruce writes:

"The Green-winged Teal shot [above] was selected as the Wild NJ Photo of the Week.

"I have been making photographs since I was 11 years old, shooting everything from mountains to mosquitoes!   

"Nature photography is my passion especially animal behavior documenting feeding, courtship, reproductive, aggressive and mating behaviors.

"You can generally find me along with a group of regulars (photographers) cameras at the ready standing on Disposal Road a/k/a Raptor Way"

Website: www.bruceharman.smugmug.com

Website: www.flickr.com/photos/bruceharman

Three more of Bruce's photos from the Meadowlands follow.

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