Marco Van Brabant’s Snowy Kearny Marsh pix!

Marco Van Brabant writes:

My walk along Kearny Marsh on Friday morning was gorgeous: Because there was snow, I had to walk in it, take pictures of it. 

A Wonderland, a hushed world blanketed by snow, every branch covered, the marsh grasses covered, now and then a phragmites frond would snap upright when the weight of snow that bended it fell off.  

The trail already altered by Hurricane Sandy was completely obscured; the only footprints were those of a cat. I ducked under the branches not to disturb the snow.  It was so incredibly beautiful, the trail a snow palace.  


(Thanks, Marco!)  More pix follow.




One thought on “Marco Van Brabant’s Snowy Kearny Marsh pix!

  1. Sara

    Gosh, that’s beautiful. I’ve often driven over the Meadowlands and wondered if you could go walking down there…


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