Photography Showcase: Mickey Raine

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Elaine and Mickey Raine can often be seen, cameras at the ready, at Meadowlands walks and cleanups, and their photography appears on this blog fairly regularly.

Although they seem a bit inseparable, we thought we would each give them their own Photographers Showcase. We highlighted Elaine last Monday. Now it's Mickey's turn.

Mickey writes:

We have been passionate fans of the Meadowlands for about five years now, and being avid hikers and enthusiasts of nature in all capacities, this region had immediately captured our hearts from the very first visit to DeKorte Park. 

My  photos are the NJMC raised hall and boardwalk ramp above the water leading to it, but with a Tri-colored Heron to accentuate the quiet appeal (Aug. '12; above), a view of the downtown NYC skyline visible through the window frame of a viewing hut at DeKorte Park, for it is ever present as a glorious backdrop to the region, showing the dichotomy of the world's business center in comparison to the tranquil setting of the Meadowlands, a stone's throw away (Aug. '12), and finally, the magnificent play between the setting sun and the ice at Mill Creek Marsh yesterday (01/26/13). Both photos follow.

The link  to view our  photos of the Meadowlands on FLICKR is here. (Thanks, Mickey!)

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